REALLY Starting a Journey

Ah, the journey I want to begin, I wrote about it earlier here. And now, roughly half a year later, after spending 6 weeks going through 3 weeks in the journey, and continuing to seek about starting for real with a journey companion, the time has come!

Oh Thank You LORD! The one who was on my heart, the one I thought may be interested, she really was, was right in the process of seeking for something like this herself.  It will be demanding, and awkward, and ...well I don't know what all it will be, but it will be good. 

And maybe a couple of others are interested too....

So, October 1 we start. And now we're getting ready. The goal is transformation, in the presence of Jesus. And there is nothing I need more.

Nothing I need more.
Knowing God, seeing Him in all things, recognizing His presence throughout my days, and being changed by Him.
This is going to be hard.
I'm going to stumble and fall along the way.
But it just might ... change my life.
And change I DO want!

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