Joy = It’s good to be with you

He sits on my lap
happy and content
chewing on the
beaded toy
looking around

but suddenly a look up 
and back
to check
to remember
that he is here with me
that he is not alone

And if we are here
then all is good
he doesn’t need
to be constantly entertained
some interaction
now and then is good
but he just needs to know
we are here

I am here
sitting on Your lap
surrounded by Your arms
Your care
I am safe
I forget sometimes
I know I am in Your presence
I don’t need the constant reminders
constant affirmation
I just need to know You are here
and when I do
it’s okay

I am here
safe in this life
as I rest on You
in You
I may feel like I’m falling
I may feel unsafe
it might hurt
it might be hard
but I am carried
I am safe
I’m okay
You are watching
You won’t let me fall

Now and again I look over my shoulder
and up at You
and am reassured of Your presence
here with me
and I am content

Written around August 26, 2012. Thanks Levi, for the chance to spend time with you, and for how much you teach me about life and God and so much that is good.

And where did the title of this post come from? In January this year I attended a seminar on The Immanuel Process (descriptions here and here). The process, though meant to lead us to healing, starts in the place of joy, and one description we learned of joy had to do with presence, that sense of being with someone else, especially with God, and "it's good to be with you".  When we are with someone we love, someone who loves us, that is joy. Finally "joy" and how we can get to and have joy in spite of trial and hardship made sense to me. That day sitting there with Levi...reminded me. It was joy, for him, for me, joy and contentment and peace...

Levi's Mom and Dad--yeah, this is joy too!

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