How you must have trusted him
How much did you risk
Or, was it really no risk at all

Before you even asked him to go pray for Saul's healing
(Saul, this murderer of Christians, dangerous, wild)
Before you even asked him
You had already showed Saul a vision that he would come

What if he didn't go
What if he ran away
(like Jonah)
What if he doubted it was Your voice
What if he rationalized it away
What if he hesitated, delayed, until the opportunity passed?
(like I have done too many times)
Or just flatly said, 'no'

But it seems You knew he wouldn't
Even allowing for the questions he raised

Who was this man
What kind of faith
What kind of relationship with You
Had been cultivated
Over so many years

There must have been years of faithfully seeking You, 
Knowing You
Hearing Your voice
And obeying

This hidden man
(is he mentioned before, or again after)
Suddenly comes into our line of vision
Becomes a part of the story we know
But You must have known him so well long before
You knew he was one You could call on
To obey
To faithfully follow
To come out of contented obscurity for a time
And return to obscurity again

A life lived for You, in Your Presence
A life where interactions with others 
Flow from abiding in You

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