Born with the "Why?"

Why is it
     that I was born with the “why?”
And I really was
     ask my mom

It’s in me, central to my life
     Yet it irritates, frustrates
     even angers
Don't they ask
Why not?

The answer is so important
     And must be evaluated,
     Is it worth the action that follows?

But first comes the why
What is it, the reason behind
     the action?
     the feeling?
     the knot in the stomach?
     the outburst of anger?
     the job move?
     the educational pursuits?
     the time spent doing ____?
     the kiss?
     the hug?
     the fist?
     the hit?
     the escape?
     the embrace?
     the joy?
     the pain?
     the courage?
     the endurance?
     the persistence?

And why change?
     Why grow?
     Why love?
     Why give?
     Why serve?
     Why risk?
     Why live?

King Jesus
     all my why's

     somehow lead back to you
     are related to you

     You gave me this life -- Why?

1 comment:

Amy said...

Very nice Hun!
I'm very thankful that He made you a "why asker", you've helped me grow and change with that one small word and the motive behind it.

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