Why so Snarly?

I wish I was different, better. I wish what was in me, and comes out more easily under stress and when tired, looked better when it reveals itself. Different people, different surroundings, a different schedule and different pressures...have revealed the same old ME. Impatience (a little stretching and testing shouldn't be a problem). Irritability and pride (so what if they doubt me at every turn, does it really matter?)

I noticed some others this week too. Two couples--one--the words, the attitudes, not really what I imagine a lifetime of following should look like. Oh they were basically nice and kind, but there were those strained times...the kind I know about. Are those areas given over to Him? Can He grow them?

The other couple--I was inspired! In so many little ways, I could see the real LIFE in them and through them. The way they talked with each other, the grace and joy and laughter for easy conversation with those they knew and strangers they were meeting. Although at least in their 7th decade, they were so relevant. Yes, this is, I think, what it means to have a life transformed by Jesus. This is the life I want for myself.

This couple gives me hope.
This couple shows the way.
Yet they also show the cost.
Am I willing, to change my life and schedule, to such a degree that He has full access to me, so that the refining can really happen in earnest?

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