In Memorandum

You Would be Two

I don't know why I thought of you today
You would be two now
plus a couple of months
And your sister
older by at least nine

You would be laughing, dancing, running
Eyes full of light and life
talking, singing
Had you been allowed to live

Why did the thought of you, of both of you
come pouring at me today
Of how you left...
one, to who knows where
you locked in a room
your mother not allowed to feed you
till the cries grew weaker
and stopped
and you were taken and buried, only your father knows where
("father" NOT a title he is worthy of)

Your blood cries out
Probably your mom cries too
Why she went back to him
What's happening now
Is there another child
also in danger?
God save this one
If it's a boy, the father will let him live
Let him live, but please, save him from the father and his father

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