What does it mean to be "thirsty for God" (the theme for this week's prayer times) ?
I have thought many things

Am I thirsty?
Sometimes it seems I am
But there are days I can spend so little time in conversation with God
And so much time in conversation with others--non-essential conversation

How can I become more thirsty?
Is there a way to cultivate thirst?
"You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink."
"Yes, but you can salt his oats."

What would make me more thirsty for you?
Then I think of how friendships work
The more I spend time with someone, the more I want to spend time with them.
How do I just get spending time?

In some ways I am
And I keep coming back
Please keep drawing me back

Remembering who You are helps make me thirsty
I spent hours on a bus one day
I asked You to help make it a day becoming more thirsty for You
For You to bring me back

And as I turned toward You
(and got some good rest before that too!)
You opened my eyes
You helped me to see
Many thoughts came and went
Living in Your presence
An enjoyable day

I listened to many songs that day
It was my "faithful" playlist
And as I was reminded about who You are
Who I know You are
I sensed my heart-thirst growing

Yep, maybe this is how it's done
In simple little ways
Continuing to turn to You
Turn back to You
Spend time with You
Respond to the thoughts and ideas that come to mind
Spend time talking with you about them

Lord, please continue to cultivate this thirst in me...

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