How does hope come?

I don't know
I wish I did
I know that on that darkest day a week and a half ago
I cried out, "Don't let Satan win"
And I made it through

I know that I have cried out for help
As I knew I was heading back for more challenge
With no answers evident
And I've cried out again and again
As I see time for decisions looming
Tears finally breaking
The late-night tension

Sometimes I feel
A certain buoyancy has come
Is it because I'm not in it right now?
No urgent deadlines
No one to give answers to

I wish I knew how hope comes
I wish I knew how to bolster it
Higher and higher so that all is joy
And there is no fear or anxiety

Maybe hope is a little like strength
You give enough
And sometimes it doesn't feel like enough
But I make it
So it was

I wonder what a journey is
I wonder what it all looks like from Your end
Me, here...
Trying to figure out how to live

On one hand I sense an invitation to more boldly live
The me that I am
    Make the decisions
    Point out the problems
    Call the situation
    Suggest a path
Because You've asked me to do this
And maybe there's a reason
You asked me and not somebody else

And yet this me
    Hurts others
    Finds my best intentions misunderstood
I'm at a loss in how to live
I want to
    Back away
My engaging as me
Only brings pain
With all these problems
Comes another invitation
To humble myself

I don't know how to live
Hope comes and goes
I pray that there will

For now, it seems to be growing
For that, I am thankful

I trust there will be enough
And maybe that is the key
My hope is in You
Not in a feeling of hope

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