The one You love

I was so happy to see her today. I've missed her. I was gone for two months, but now, back for more than one month, I still hadn't seen her, and was a little concerned...until today.

I was talking to the boy, trying to get a response, trying to care, and suddenly she was there. She had left her bamboo pole with boxes of chickens tied to either end and came running over to greet me. I was so glad to see her.

And she looked good--a shorter hair cut, she's coloured it too--some highlights. And clothes--dressed quite modern, and attractive. Was that her doing, or is someone taking care of her? I still need to get out to her home sometime, meet her family, find out what goes on, if anything is needed.

She made me laugh again today. Out of the blue she says funny stuff. As she was bubbling along about her plans, wanting me to come visit--either her place, or this place that is being built high up on a hill (true or not, I have no clue), she said, "Give me your phone number and I'll give you a call." I asked, "Do you have a phone?"  "I'll buy one and call you," she quickly replied. Funny. I burst out laughing. (And I remember the other times she's made me laugh--eating a sausage stick, "It tastes like dog." "Do you like dog?" I ask. "I've never had dog," is her response. Go figure! Then, noticing the other ladies dressed so nice--they were dressed nice, and we weren't, because "they have boyfriends," and we didn't--I guess boyfriends buy you nice clothes.)

I'm somewhat amazed at what I feel for this woman. I think it is how You feel--Your love for this woman, Your enjoyment of her, even though she can I even say? She is who she is. Yeah, sometimes she doesn't make sense. Sometimes she rants on and on. I don't know what the issues were that initiated the fights I've seen her in, or seen the results of. Perhaps it was mostly the other person's impatience when she wouldn't cooperate with their situation. And, she can be annoying, she can come and inconvenience your plans--I've had that happen too. I have no clue which parts of what she says are true, which are false--that her husband died and that her children are not with her, yes, I believe that part is true. The rest...I don't know.

But I love this woman. I consider her a friend. When I don't see her for a while, I wonder how she's doing, look for her, pray for her.

Funny how she spouts off about You sometimes too. Sometimes it is crazy stuff. Sometimes there are bits of truth. Today she said she asks You to help her plant the corn, help it grow.  

And I ask You to continue to help her mind, help her stay calm, or...protect her when she isn't. When she's struggling, please provide her with people who will care and understand. And Lord, if there's anything else You want me to do, please show me.

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