Not alone

I realized today, toward the end of our Journey with Jesus discussion, that I have sense of being abandoned by God and alone in life. For some reason, every attempt to work with others here has not resulted in a long-term good scenario...I've often wondered if I'm doing something wrong. Or, is this just the way God planned it for me? If so, it would be easier to know--like the prophets were sometimes told.

But God does not usually tell me as much as I'd like to know.

As I pondered, I realized there are so many ways in which I have NOT been left alone.

Financially--I, and staff, and students and all the costs related to the project--have been cared for throughout these years.

As I think about how my views about faith have changed...I'm so glad that the year I realized I had changed and wondered what that would mean going home to my home church--and realized--they had changed too. Half a world a part, not much connected, and yet we had been on parallel journeys, and those who had bee close spiritual companions earlier, still were.  For many it doesn't happen that way.

These are just a few...

God, You have been with me, in so many ways I can see,
 and probably in so many ways I cannot see.
Help me to grow in this. 
May the head knowledge 
become deep transforming assurance and peace.
I am not alone. 
I never have been.
You are here. 
You are beside me.
You are with me.

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