In You I take refuge

"O Lord my God, in you do I take refuge..."  Ps. 7:1

So many mornings I rush into the day
I try to first spend time with You
To turn to You
Read Your word
But I get so distracted, not focused

Today I've been able to focus
Not run to other things--internet browsing etc
(Even able to ignore reading some text messages, till after)
But now as the time comes to an end
I start to feel anxious
All the things that need to be done in these two days
And the feeling that there are too many I have not yet thought of
Come rushing in

But God, here, now, in You I take refuge
I turn to you, I ask You God
to lead this day
to show the way
to point me to Your solutions

And I trust God
That I, that my needs are not hidden from You
In love and compassion and mercy You are watching me
You are looking on in love and compassion and mercy
Guiding, protecting
Enough of what needs to happen will happen

Lead me Lord
In Your mercy and grace
Help me to trust

Written Aug 3, 2012, Psalm 7 & 8 were the readings at 2 Years of Psalms this week.

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