How will she...

What will it look like
How will it happen
When she finally believes?

'Cause I think she really is on the way
Slow though it is

Is she?

She started out--"I don't believe in Jesus, but I like people who do"
Two years ago

She still doesn't 'believe'
But when we talk about thanking Him
She realizes, she can thank Him for meeting people that believe in Him
Showing her a way of living that is good
Something she would have known

And as we study Mark together
So slowly
We rotate facilitating
She doesn't pray
But brings up that it is time for that part.

Yesterday--a friend whose parents are in divorce court next Wednesday
asked for prayer, but said, "I don't know what to pray for"
She came back to that later and said,
"Don't know what to pray for...well, can ask for a just and fair result"
And after we had finished praying she said,
"And oh, I forgot to say (a student who is ill)"

Is she on the way?
I think so
Oh Jesus
Bring her home
Home to You

And I can't wait to see how it will be
How your seed is falling even now
On soil that is being prepared
Oh how deep the roots will grow
Please make them grow deep LORD
And Oh the fruit that will come
Fruit that will last, please LORD
A strong tree in the courts of our God
That's what she will look like
That's where this is going
I hope
I pray 
Our Father, may Your will be done

(written several weeks ago...'yesterday' is not yesterday)

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