Healing Love

Is this how it is then
Just one long, never-ending journey
Growing deeper into Your love
Finding that the healing needed
Goes deeper still

For those who barely or don't yet know You
I so often see their need
And know it is You--

He needs Your powerful, unconditional love
You, Your love can
   Heal the wounds of childhood
   Give him the safety he lacks
   Free him from his over-sensitivity
   Give him confidence
   Enable him to become who he was meant to be

Your Love is what she needs
   To free her from the self-deception
   Thinking that comments of others don't affect
   When they do

They need You
And yet
So many more years down the road of knowing Your love
I, too, am just beginning

Does it mean I don't yet know Your love?
That I have not yet received and been healed and freed by your love?
That I don't yet live in Your love?

I do
I have
I know and am living in Your love

Yet the need goes so much deeper
And Your love is so much grander

There are parts of my soul not yet touched
Not yet awakened

Here I am Jesus
On this journey
Of finding You
Of seeing You
Of seeking You

Show me, teach me, of Your love
Teach me to receive
And to live in Your love

Work the healing for now
And the healing to come

Thank You
this love
Forever, this journey   

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