Fatherless young men, and the things with which they are struggling--that was the theme one day.

A 2 hour conversation with a university student. Oh this one was good, because he has come through so much of his pain, recognized and processed much already, and has newly come to know God as Father. This conversation wasn't actually even much between us, as me facilitating him talking to Immanuel (Immanuel Process) and finding healing there. How he lost his dad--suicide--he was one of the ones who ran upstairs and saw the body, the blood, after hearing the thump. Much of the pain he's processing now followed from the years after that event.

The next...well, already wrote about it here. His dad died from what I imagine to be a pretty simple problem.  He was injured in a construction accident--shoulder hit, probably cut, later it swelled...I suspect infection. They didn't have money, he didn't go to the hospital. He died a month or two later.

And the last one I talked to was later--via text message. 
"How are you today? Are you telling yourself "hopeful" words?"  
Feeling pretty hopeless. He's in an incredibly busy semester, high pressure, been fighting depression...his dad died last July after wasting away for two years. Sometimes it's hard to sleep, hard to stop thinking, hard to see anything positive about life or self. This time all he could see was 'failure' 'hopeless' 'inability'. 

It's sad...too many have lost their fathers way too early. Yet, what a privilege to know these guys, to have the privilege of walking with them afterwards. I don't know what my life would be like had I experienced their pain. I so admire their honesty and courage--to admit and face the struggles of their lives. One by one, may they come to know the One who is Father to the fatherless.

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