to "get" Christmas

So, why did You do it? 
Why did You come?
I'm not getting it this year.
Nothing is sinking in.

Is this it?
There You were
Looking down at us
Wanting more for us
So You decided
To come
To show us
Your heart
Your love

To show us what God is like
To rescue us
To save us
Wanting to change the way You related with us
To come close
To expand Your reach
More effectively
Beyond just one people group

So that we would forever know
And get it

I'm starting to 'get it'
And yet I don't

I've been thinking (again) recently...
The older I get
The less I have answers that would seem 
   to make sense 
   to anyone else

But the older I get
The more deeply I am also convinced 
   my need for You
   and the 'proof' within
The goodness You are, that draws me
And this, in itself
Must prove I have been somewhat changed
To recognize You for who You are

I choose faith again
(And I guess I'm on a bit of a Chris Tomlin roll today)

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