By a vision that wasn't mine
It was theirs
They were supposed to do it
But now it falls to me
To carry
Until the time is right
Until the Lord parts the sea
Opens a way

Not just by that vision, their vision
But also by...the original one
How it pulls at my heart
How it embodies so many stories
So many hopes and dreams

And wrecked
By how "impossible" it all is

I submit myself, again Lord
To You
And an impossible dream
An impossible vision
That can never happen
Unless You enable
Unless You empower
Unless You provide the resources

And it will never produce fruit
Fruit that will last
Unless You breathe into it
Unless You give it life
Unless You are the one that directs
Unless Your wisdom leads all decisions

Lead Lord
And continue to "wreck" me in the process

This post started and felt Aug. 25...written Sept. 1

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