What will I lose...

What will I lose
if I go through this day
(and maybe the next one too)
without stopping
sitting at Your feet
pausing to look

Do I really believe
that what You are doing in this world
and in me
is more important than anything else

If it is
then the risk I take
in not coming
is of living
   and frustrated
fighting against the wind
engaged in battles that will win nothing I want

I could miss
what You want to say to me today
You, who know all that will happen,
perhaps You have something to say
that I need to know
before I get into it
perhaps You have guidance
to help me navigate better
perhaps You just want to help me be rooted in You
so that no matter what happens
I'm not shaken

How many times do I live 
because I am lacking the perspective and insight and fortitude
You had been all ready to give me

And I will be lost
drifting without an anchor
stressing and agitated in every direction
unless I come
and drink 
and learn
from You
that which will calm me
center me

What will I lose
what do I lose
time and again

When will I learn
and choose 
to turn
to come
to sit
and listen

By what I gain
I will start to know
the measure I would have lost
had I not come
and gain 
much I do not want to lose

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