It's amazing what hits
Each time it's different
So unexpected

I wanted to see something new
Something fresh
I wanted to be amazed at You
once again

I have been amazed
Every day
Every morning
(well almost)
You have been speaking
And close
In the most amazing ways
But I wanted to be hit again
By Easter
The passion
The resurrection

Good Friday
I was watching The Gospel of John
With a friend
More concerned about helping her understand
Than able to hear for me
But it was good
I've sensed her yearning
And wanted to spend such time with her
For a long time

Today, Easter Sunday
With the young ones
Each shared
Both the blessing
And the struggle
In the journey
Of knowing You

It's the struggle part for which I yearn
Those who don't know if they believe or not
Can't feel You near
Wonder why You would abandon
I so long for them to seek further
In the doubt
Bring the questions boldly

Like Thomas
I will not believe"

I love that You came to him
I love how You came to him
I'd never seen this movie portrayal before
And I wept

Thank You Jesus
How You come to us
In our doubt
In our confusion
In the midst of all our struggles
Hardly daring to trust
You're not offended or put off
Or above stooping down
To our doubt and ignorance
And reveal
Once again
You know
You care
You love

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