I've been thinking about this again lately.
Do you know anyone that does "spin"? That does it really well?
I know two. They are frightening.
I'm not quite sure what to do with them. The best defense I have found so far is to stay far away, try not to get close to them, try not to have anything that deeply concerns me or that I am working on too deeply connected with them. It is also to guard my heart and emotions when in conversation with them. Things will be said that make me feel really good and connected, then let down my guard, but it may not be real, and in the end I will be hurt and disappointed. It has happened time and again.

Someone who does "spin"
You cannot win with them
You'll always be the one who was wrong
They will always have an understandable reason, to be excused for their failing
They will not take responsibility
Oh they might say they are sorry, seeming to take responsibility
But there is no change in their life to prove it

The worst thing about it is that these are Christians...and I find myself wondering.
Actually, I am almost afraid to say they "do spin"--it sounds so evil and manipulative, and I wonder, do they do it intentionally? What is behind it? And if they do it to me, they must do it to others. Actually the reason why I am thinking about it so much again is because I am seeing thi in someone and wondering what is my responsibility. And oh, believe me, I have confronted individually, I have talked to them one on one, trying my best to do that in love, examining my own heart first...so this is not about gossip, wanting to make someone else look bad.

With one person I have struggled for at least a year to keep learning to forgive, have a heart of love...but now I wonder if I should be warning those around...especially now seeing some problems.  One person is somewhat aware, I have warned. But others....are they in danger? How much?
With the other person, I gave up long ago. Now, just trying to learn strategies and have courage to prevent further pain.

What does Scripture say? What are the guiding principles? Is there hope? Only if and when THEY really see it. My experience so far is that they don't, even after years and years of the same thing.  Is there a way of confronting and holding to a standard that speaks to these people more than others?

And, wow, whenever I think about something like this, I have got to ask myself...do I "do spin"? What are ways I might, even ever so slightly? Lord, reveal. Let nothing of the sort remain.

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