Will it ever end?

For some it is like this I hear...

Parent and child
Who knows why there are so many flare ups
Why every word (it seems) comes ripe with the potential for

Misunderstanding, mistrust, misconstruing 
So many conversations trying to reconcile
Work things out

But still new ones come
Who knows where they come from sometimes

Will it ever end?

And it just hurts
It's just hard
Looking at someone you care for
Knowing you're unable to express the care
Or, somehow, every time you try 

It doesn't make it to their heart, their understanding
Feeling you are despised, a pain
Them feeling they are that to you, too

Will we make it through this time of pain?
What will it take?
Is there something different to do?
Another way to live?

All I know to do
Is to keep holding on to this hand that is holding me

And not give up

Jesus, search, reveal, renew, restore
Grant faith, hope, endurance, and joy
To somehow make it through this season
And emerge on the other side
With an incredible story to tell
A story of Your grace and mercy

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