Stopped…by the sound of children

Busy… anxious… intent on getting lots done
Frustrated … by all the stupid silly obstacles that keep coming up
Can’t figure out how to work better
Can’t figure out…
“oh oh… hi hi… ah ah…”
Another email. Done. Yay
Website updated. Yay
Great, I’m getting things done today.
“hi hi …. oh oh…”
I stop, open the window… look down and enjoy
Five and six year olds just out of school
walking home, backpacks on their backs
and singing…
“hi hi… ho ho…”
I don’t know what they are singing…
actually there is just one that is
but it’s beautiful
and I could be too
I could smile
I could saunter down the road
“hi hi… ho ho… ah ah…”
Who cares what else is going on
Doesn’t matter the load that is on my plate
The sun is shining
Good God up in heaven has everything under His control
And He loves me
He enjoys me
Help me to stop and enjoy this day, this life You’ve given.

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