Street Food

It's one of the great delights of life, and of travel--the miscellaneous morsels sold by street vendors that you can pick up for a song as you walk about. Where I live it's the rolled noodle lunches in the summer and the barbeque (on a stick) all year--tofu skin, cabbage, potatoes, pork, all barbequed, and then with their pickled salad on top--mmm!! Well, the description does is not nearly as great as the reality! In Hong Kong, it's a tradition to stop and buy the egg balls. Now, in Thailand, I'm enjoying the fruit--pineapple and mango especially. The other day I had a roasted banana, cut in pieces and on a stick, with a lite caramel sauce--all for about 15 cents CAD. A noodles or wonton breakfast was less than a dollar, and fresh squeezed orange juice about 30 cents. The barbequed chicken really smells good too.

Ah, simple pleasures in this life we live.

(Oh, btw, you might want to keep some charcoal (medicinal kind) on hand in case you wake up in the night with your stomach feeling a little odd--take 2 or 3 and you'll be good to go, enjoying street food again the next day.)

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Amy said...

Mmm... I miss Asian street food! Especially the bbqed Tofu skin knots!

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