Welcome to our world

Every year I want to see it fresh.
Every year something new does seem to stand out.

Okay, so it's not new... I'm just thankful that He came into our world, into our lives, my life, the way it actually is. He is King, walking in the dirt among common people. He honours lowly shepherds...the only ones that get a birth announcement at all (well...except for the star and the wisemen). He makes a huge sacrifice, without ever making a big deal of the sacrifice. You never hear Him say, "Don't you know what I left behind for you?" Nope, He wasn't at all focussed on His lot. He could handle the crap, the sin, and not turn away. He's the only one who really does enter the mess of our lives and offer to be "with us" in it all.

My world...just the way it is. He's willing to come, join in, be a part. I want Him to, but I'm kind of embarassed about ... so many things. And yet He comes.

Welcome to our world... Jesus. Welcome to our world.

*Thoughts crystalized after listening to "Welcome to Our World" (song by Chris Rice, sung by Michael W. Smith) last week.

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